Don’ts in Introduce Yourself

  • Don’t hold the camera yourself. If you’re holding the camera, it might be a little awkward. Video selfies are okay but not SkillVideos. Don’t Record vertically. Hold your smartphone or Cameras sideways in landscape mode. If you upload a vertically recorded video, you’ll see odd looking black panels on both sides.
  • Be natural– Do not speak like you are reading script,  Look into the camera, make it as though you are speaking directly to your students.
  • Keep the camera stable. Shaky videos make awful videos. Set the camera on a desk, table, chair, tripod.
  • Use a decent background. If it’s a green screen, or some Flex which expressed your topic.
  • Minimize background noise. Smartphones, smart as they are, don’t have expensive microphones. If you are using a smartphone, make sure that the background noise is at a minimum.