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Instructions: How to Submit Resume

General Instructions

  1. Word spellings must be correct.
  2. Email ID of students given in resume must be formal. (Avoid like,
  3. All information covered in resume should be true.


Instructions for filling the resume form

  1. Professional Title: Please fill the profile for which you are submitting the resume e.g. Hardware engineer, electrician, welder, beautician, hair expert, Reoom attendant, Stewart, etc.
  2. Location: Please fill your preference of your job location. Please remember, employer will search your resume as per this location.
  3. Instructions for your photo:
  • No goggles, Spectacles are allowed
  • Formal clothes, No T- Shirts
  • No lockets
  • No Selfies & side poses
  1. SkillVideo:
  1. Resume Category: You need to chose the industry, you belong to e.g. Tourism & Hospitality, Healthcare, Construction etc.
  1. Resume Content: Please cover the information under following heads and avoid long resumes.
  • Academic Qualification
  • Professional Qualification
  • Technical Skills
  • Achievements/Experience
  • Hobbies
  • Personal Information (Date of Birth, Nationality, Mobile number, Address)

Bold font should be used only for headlines.

  1. Education: Instead of School Name, please write the name of your Training Center
  2. Experience: Please mention the details of your work experience, if you have any


Please be informed: Your resume will be posted on SkillsPlanet only when it’s approved.

In case of any further query, please feel free to be in touch with us via email Ids given in the footer of the website.

All the best.



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